This 'bad dogs' washi tape full of misschievous dogs includes a runaway pekinese, independent sausage dog, naughty spaniel, misbehaving dalmatian, up-to-no-good malteser, escaped danish dog, an afghan hound forbidden love and more! ♥
This cute masking tape has the following dimensions: 15 mm x 10 M (0.6 inch x 394 inch), and comes in a little handmade box.

Use this decorative japanese washi tape for any of your projects: decorate all your gifts, packaging, planners, bullet journal, scrapbook, snail mail or maybe something completely different with this cute bad dogs washi. Washi tape is super populair right now, because of all the different ways you can use it. It is easy to tear or cut and can be re-sticked multiple times depending on the surface.
These cute tapes make perfect (christmas) unique gifts for any dog lover, owner or animal friend!

• 15 mm x 10 M (0.6 inch x 3.94 inch)
• high quality washi paper tape
• Including cute packaging

All illustrations are handmade by me!

'Bad Dogs' Washi Tape

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