Hi, my name is Katinka Feijs!

I'm an illustrator from Eindhoven, the Netherlands. You can find me at my plant-filled home, listening to some old country records, practicing the mandoline, and most of the time: drawing! I love all things floral, natural and animal related. My strength is combining warm, feminine colours and nature-themed subjects into cheerful illustrations and paper goods. I also fell in love with ceramics and use the medium as a way of illustrating in 3D, directly onto a product. I enjoy making ceramics a lot and even make them on request.

My love for nature and animals runs deep and sustainability is an important subject to me. Next to my conscious lifestyle I also try to use as little waste as possible in my work, and using 100% recycled paper for my cards, prints and envelopes. I use biodegradeable plant-plastic sleeves for some cards, prints and stickers. I am aware that it's still far from perfect but I try to make improvements where possible. I'd love to do more sustainable and animal rights projects too - reach out if you're looking for an illustrator for your project!

I currently make & sell my own products through Etsy and retailers, as well as working as a freelance illustrator for various clients.

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